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Harris County Emergency Services District #29 (Champions ESD) vehemently supports the expansion of the EViEWS Safety Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP) System on county roads. Such an expansion can be accomplished with ESD funding and will not require county tax revenues. This system has been developed in conjunction with Houston TranStar and several northwest Harris County emergency service providers. After a successful three-year evaluation program along the Louetta Road corridor, this innovative system has been expanded to over 70 state Intersections along Cypress Creek Parkway, FM 2920, and Tomball Parkway.

This unique system stands out among other preemption solutions because of its ability to track and project emergency vehicle travel paths, allowing the system to clear traffic in advance of approaching emergency vehicles, as well as efficiently returning traffic back to normal flow following safe passage of the emergency vehicle. As efficient and timely emergency vehicle response has been a significant priority for participating emergency service organizations, so too for TranStar has been the rapid return to normal traffic flow. We believe the EViEWS EVP system has met both the needs of the emergency service organizations as well as TranStar.

This system successfully allows for increased mobility and decreased response times for responding emergency vehicles, despite the ever-increasing levels of congestion in our area. It is mission-critical for HCESD 29 to be able to expand the benefits of the EVP system to other major roads within our and surrounding districts, as a seamless network of EVP intersections will allow for more efficient response time for our personnel and equipment as well as enhance interoperability for our automatic aid partners. There has always been a balance sought between the need to arrive to an emergency incident quickly and the risk that the public and firefighters are subjected to in doing so.

Harris County ESD #29 is respectfully requesting the Commissioners Court to approve the EVP System final report and allow TranStar to authorize the installation of additional intersections into the EVP System.

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