Harris County Emergency Services District Nº 11

Dear Commissioner Cagle:

This letter is written on behalf of Harris County Emergency Services District No. 11 (“Harris County ESD 11”).

As you may know, Harris County ESD 11 provides EMS to an area consisting of 250 square miles in the northwest/Spring area of Harris County. Harris County ESD 11 provides this EMS service through its service agreement with Cypress Creek EMS. (This service area overlaps the areas served by Ponderosa VFD, Spring VFD, Cypress Creek VFD, Champions FD, and Klein VFD, among others, who are first responders with Cypress Creek EMS.) To be sure our residents expect expeditious and professional emergency care which is what Harris County ESD 11, Cypress Creek EMS, and our fire departments are known for. However, as the population continues to grow our service area, new challenges arise which can hamper 911 emergency responses.

One daily challenge is the safe and rapid response in the ever increasing vehicle congestion along our roads and highways. Harris County ESD 11 supports the expansion of the EViEWS Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP) System in Harris County. Harris County ESD 11 has worked with Harris County TranStar, Cypress Creek EMS, and our local fire departments on a multi-year evaluation of the EViEWS EVP System along the Louettta Road corridor. Travel time of the ambulances along this corridor has been significantly reduced following the implementation of the EViEWS EVP system, cutting lifesaving seconds. The program has proven so successful Harris County ESD 11 and our local fire departments were able to expand the project to TEXDOT/State roadways along FM 1960, FM 2920, and SH 249.

Faster response is not the only benefit of the EViEWS EVP System. Reduction of accidents involving emergency vehicles at Intersections as well as the rapid recovery of normal traffic patterns are highly sought benefits of the fire/EMS community as well as Harris County TranStar. Harris County ESD 11 therefore requests the Harris County Commissioner’s Court to approve the EViEWS EVP System final report and allow further expansion of this system along Harris County roadways. Harris County ESD 11 is ready to continue its part of the funding of this project along with the area fire ESDs under an Interlocal Agreement similar to the current program that has worked so well.

The Honorable R. Jack Cagle
Commissioner, Harris County Precinct 4
1001 Preston, Suite 950
Houston, Texas 77002

Lynn LeBouef, President

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