EViEWS Safety Systems Next Generation Emergency Preemption and Transit Prioritization Systems Approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

EViEWS emergency vehicle preemption and transit prioritization systems were recently approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as the company successfully met Florida’s demanding traffic product testing standards, considered the most stringent in the Country. Some of EViEWS’ next generation traffic systems features include the following:

  • System Accommodates all First Responders including Police (Specifically High Speed Preemption)
  • Exceptionally reliable and provides true “Real-Time of Arrival” preemption
  • Clears your 911 Response Intersection Corridor with Superior Communication Range
  • Operates in all weather conditions and around curves without need of line-of-sight to the intersection
  • System build out can incorporate Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on intersection mast arms: supporting FEMA, Amber, Weather and Emergency Vehicle Alerts
  • Homeland Security Communication Infrastructure

EViEWS is the developer of the most reliable and advanced traffic signal preemption system that accommodates all three first responders (police, fire, and emergency medical services) with the protection of a real-time of arrival preemption infrastructure. The EViEWS system is one of the first systems in the world that the police can safely use because it allows high-speed preemption of traffic signals. When police are in high-speed pursuits, the EViEWS system allows both the police officer and chased vehicle driver to get a green light in the direction of travel, and reduces the risk to the general public of an intersection collision. This system can even warn the emergency vehicle drivers of the presence other emergency vehicles converging on the same intersection through the use of an in-vehicle dashboard display.

EViEWS Safety Systems enters the Florida market with their next generation emergency preemption/prioritization system operating in over 260 intersections within Harris County, (Houston Metro Area) Texas, and in several cities within Canada. EViEWS development of its advanced preemption system evolved from their relationship with Houston TranStar, a leading coalition of federal and state transportation authorities with the responsibility for advancing intelligent traffic systems. This successful public and private ITS partnership was demonstrated by EViEWS gaining approval to install their next generation emergency preemption system throughout Harris County, Texas, which will ultimately protect over 1800 square miles, 800 traffic intersections and utilizing over 400 emergency vehicles. EViEWS has also gained international recognition with its successful advanced Transit Priority System (TSP) operating in the city of Montreal, Canada.


About EViEWS Safety Systems

Founded in 1998 as a Nevada Corporation, EViEWS Safety Systems, Inc. (EViEWS), is a solutions provider of leading-edge traffic technology for the rapidly evolving Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) world. EViEWS is poised to emerge as an ITS leader in the new era of advanced wireless smart infrastructure technologies that incorporate intelligent transportation systems, emergency response, transit prioritization, homeland security and light rail systems with messaging and communications. The EViEWS system offers a comprehensive suite of technologies, which allows us to provide broad security, public safety and quality of life infrastructures. The EViEWS system, developed in conjunction with Caltech and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), holds 10 U.S. patents and is also one of the world’s first fully integrated communication solutions designed to address the needs of multiple municipal agencies and the public.

“We are very excited to offer our next generation traffic signal preemption system to the first responder community in Florida as well as providing a system that city traffic engineers will appreciate; the system is designed to not interfere in areas where traffic timing and coordination are important to maintain.”

President Randy Lloyd.