About Us

Answering Today’s Public Safety and Global Transportation Challenges

About Us

Founded in 1998 as Nevada Corporation, EViEWS Safety Systems, Inc. (EViEWS), is a solutions provider of leading-edge traffic technology for the rapidly evolving (ITS) Intelligent Transportation Systems world. The EViEWS system offers a comprehensive suite of technologies, which allows us to provide broad security, public safety and quality of life infrastructures. The EViEWS system, developed in conjunction with Caltech and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), holds 10 U.S. and several foreign country patents, and is also one of the world’s first fully integrated communication solutions designed to address the needs of multiple municipal agencies and the public.

Proven Success 

In 2012, EViEWS gained industry recognition as Houston TranStar, a leading coalition of federal, state, and local authorities with the responsibility for advancing traffic systems, approved the EViEWS technology for Harris County, TX (Houston Metro Area). As the 3rd largest county in the country covering over 1800 square miles and 800 intersections, the 22 Fire Districts within the county have already begun purchasing our system. EViEWS has also gained international success with sales in Canada as several cities such as Montreal and Trios-Rivieries have adopted our advanced Transit Signal Priority and Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems.

JPL/Caltech Strategic Partner

Caltech provides an extensive resource to EViEWS through Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the areas of advanced Global Positioning Systems, Bio-Chemical Hazard Sensors, next generation detection, and warning technologies for railroad crossings, solar systems for remote equipment on urban roadways, and extreme environment electronics for very hot and cold climates. These technologies can be integrated into future products to provide significant enhancements to public transportation and safety systems.

EViEWS Key Highlights

  • Exclusive License agreement with JPL/Caltech
  • Awarded NASA’s 2002 National Space Act Award
  • Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) – 6 approved traffic products/systems
  • Currently holds 10 U.S. patents providing strong market leverage within the emergency response and traffic industry
  • Life Saving Technology by greatly reducing response times and dramatic reduction in fatalities and injuries
  • Tremendous Cost Savings for Cities by significantly lowers tort settlements and lowers insurance premiums
  • Improves transit mobility and efficiency by incorporating smarter traffic systems
  • System meets six standards of funding by U.S., DOT, DOJ, and DHS


  • Jim Davidson, CEO
  • Randy Lloyd, Director of Sales and Operations
  • Jarrid Gross, Director of Engineering
  • Jonathan Youngman, Director of Software Development
  • Roy McPherson, Lead Project Coordinator

Strategic Affiliates

  • Caltech
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Electro – Techs
  • ATS D4

Technical Traffic Consultant

  • Advanced Traffic Systems Consultants