Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic Messaging

A Communication Solution at the Intersection
(Currently in development.)

EViEWS Dynamic Messaging Signs

The EVIEWS Dynamic Messaging Signs can be integrated into the system to provide emergency vehicle warning messages to motorists and pedestrians. They can be installed at the intersection on mast arms, poles or placed in advance of the intersection. The signs operate wirelessly by the EViEWS module over a secure network.

EViEWS Dynamic Messaging Signs Market Applications

  • First Responders Warning Alerts
  • FEMA (Hurricane/Tornado, Disaster Warnings and Post-Disaster Information Dissemination)
  • Homeland Secutiry
  • Traffic Management (Lane Control and Traffic Detours)
  • Citizen Information Dissemination
  • Amber Alerts
  • Colleges, Universities, Private and Public School
  • Military Instalations
  • Amusament Parks (i.e. Disney)
  • Hearing Impaired Communication

Traffic Intersection Dynamic Message Signs

Visual Display Provides “real-time” traffic management information:



Visual Display provides easily understood information for 32 milion impaired in the United States


Quicker and more efficient amber alerts


Better emergency routing


More immediate and visible Homeland Secutiry and Disaster Warnings