Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)

Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)

Accommodates all first responders: Fire, EMS and Police

The Smart Choice when Seconds Count

As first responders know, 60 seconds can be the difference between successful emergency rescues or deadly flashovers. Having a fire department housed geographically within eight-minute response zone, only to have to negotiate 15 minutes worth of traffic challenges makes this response goal rather ineffective.

EViEWS patented exceptionally reliable “Real Time of Arrival” Preemption System helps to counter these challenges by creating safe traffic corridors for seamless and faster passage.

In addition to EViEWS Preemption Benefits:
EViEWS also offers an Industry First EViEWS Emergency Prioritization System Allowing rapid recovery of normal traffic patterns

EViEWS Benefits


System accommodates all First Responders including Police


Reduces response times


Decreases wear and tear of emergency vehicles


Prevents driver anxiety when approaching the intersection with EViEWS Patented “In-Vehicle Display”


“Non-Line of Sight” operates in all weather conditions and around curves


‘Real Time of Arrival” EViEWS patent provides exceptionally reliable GPS preemption and prioritization