Police Preemption

Police Preemption

A Smart Law Enforcement Preemption Solution

A “Real-Time of Arrival” Patented High Speed Preemption Solution

When response time is crucial for law enforcement emergencies, the EViEWS emergency preemption system is a highly effective and reliable solution. The EViEWS system is the first system in the industry that law enforcement can safely use because it allows preemption of traffic signals regardless of the speed and clears the traffic corridor when in pursuit of a chased vehicle.

When response time is critical:
the EViEWS “Real-Time of Arrival”
preemption system has your 20


High Speed Preemption – Reliable regardless of speed


Decreases wear and tear of emergency vehicles


Prevents driver anxiety when approaching the intersection with EViEWS “In-Vehicle Display”


“Non-Line of Sight” operates in all weather conditions and around curves


Patent EViEWS’ ‘Real Time of Arrival’ provides exceptionally reliable GPS preemption and prioritization


“Man Overboard Feature” – Police can activate GPS marker to pinpoint evidence thrown out by chased driver