Transit Signal Priority

Transit Signal Priority

EViEWS Transit Signal Priority - A Proven Success in Montreal, Canada

The EViEWS Next-Generation Transit System Prioritization (TSP) system provides an operational strategy to facilitate transit vehicle movements through traffic-signal controlled intersections. The EViEWS platform is the most advanced transportation technology available that performs priority detection based on “real time of arrival”. EViEWS’ wireless technologies are effectively being used to save energy, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs of bus systems, rapid transit, and commuter lines in small and large cities throughout North America.

Proven TSP Success in Montreal, Canada

  • 99% system reliability
  • Increase of schedule of schedule adherence by approximately 10% (now 94.6%)
  • Two (2) bus-equivalent optimization (level of service increased)
  • Average travel time reduced by 15%
  • High customer satisfaction (95%) due to travel time and punctuality
  • High driver satisfation (76%) due to easier driving

Transit Signal Priority System Benefits


Improves mass transit mobility and efficiency


Improves schedule adherence


Reduce fuel consumption


Increased road efficiency


Reduces wear and tear


Increase driver satisfaction